About Us

We are a community of teachers, students, residence and administrative staff, and local employees, many of whose families have served APS for generations. In all, the Aastha Public School contains more than 50 people living and working together. Our community and for ensuring that the education we offer is of the highest standard.

Aastha Public School offer, merge high academic standards with an emphasis on ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship. This pushes our students to become informed participants in local and global affairs and develop a sense of shared humanity – to truly become citizens of the world.

The APS Difference

IT Facilities

Smart Child Safety, CCTV Cameras, Our IT facilities are stellar, with Aastha Public School is the best school in Aligarh to have a networking system connected by a lan and Wi-Fi facility. We have 2 computer labs, 1 network servers, a soon-to-be-upgraded 2 mbps broadband internet connection, and an internet monitoring system with selective site blocking.

Hostel Facilities

The college provides well furnished hostel accommodation to its students. Separate hostel facility is available for boys and girls both. Each hostel /complex has its separate mess with well equipped kitchens and dining area providing hygienic, nutritious and wholesome meals. Hostels have gymnasium as well as indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The hostels also have a TV room and library with magazines and fiction / general reading books. Hostels are also equipped with eco-friendly solar water heating systems. Hostels also have canteens and provision stores for minor item of daily requirement. The hostels thus provide reasonable levels of comfort, hygienic food, recreation facilities and an environment conducive for pursuit of academic and all round development.

Recreation and Sporting Facilities

We have fantastic recreation and sporting facilities, with covered courts for basketball, indoor football, and badminton, playing fields for football, cricket, baseball, basketball courts, tennis courts, children’s playgrounds, and of course, through the general support of Aastha Public School Alumni, provision for dance and aerobic classes.

Learning Resources

We have a Learning Resource Department dedicated to enhancing the quality of education for students with mild or moderate learning difficulties, applying strategies to help them become independent learners, integrate into their social environments, and develop independent skills to help them function normally. These students are evaluated during the admission process to ensure that they can fit into the student environment. We also provide support to help all students with organization, time management and the development of study skills.

Student Health

Aastha Public School have medical care facility with 24-hour healthcare, and the capacity to conduct outpatient and inpatient treatment. APS has a full-time staff that are available to patients at all times during the semester, and on weekdays during the holidays.

Principal Message

Aastha Public School alumni include graduates and members of our community can be found in best in city, Our alumni make us proud. They are a living testimony to the life-changing Aastha Public School experience. They excel in many fields of endeavour. They share their stories and their expertise with new generations of Aastha Public School students treading in their footsteps.

Aastha Public School Aligarh

Asma Madam